Fifty. This & That.

It’s been 7 months since I wrote on this.

In January I got a new job.
In February I moved to Atlanta.
I cut off most of my hair.
And my world was turned upside down at
The LGBTQ Taskforce’s Creating Change Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Then a break up happened.
March rolled in and I fell in love with Atlanta.
Then I went to Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina,& Florida with Matthew and as far as I am concerned we became the Southeast’s Cutest Gay Couple.

By April I was at my first Braves game in ten years with a real, live monkey.

Then we took the monkey to Six Flags & she transformed into a superhero.

Next thing I knew I was in D.C. with some of the most insightful & remarkable hooligans I have ever met for The Reformation Project’s D.C. Leadership Cohort
I felt challenged, energized, inspired, and then I sat in this window & got a foot cramp.

Life is weird. God is good. More to come…More to come.