Thirty-Two. Say What You Need To Say.

Sassy Student: “How in the hell can this mean that?!”

Bowell: “People don’t write poems because they like poetry. People write poems so they can say what they want to say without having to say it.”

-The Honorable Melissa Bowell circa 2009, 1st period AP Literature


“Many of us view the world as an ugly place with a few beautiful redeeming characteristics. Unfortunately, that’s also how we view humans. But what I learned at Liberty was that this idea is the exact opposite of reality: The world and the people in it are really wonderful with just a smidge of ugliness about them. I think the really vocal anti-gay Christians display this smidge, but I also think the really vocal anti-Christian gays display it as well. Not tolerating someone for his narrow-mindedness is perhaps the epitome of intolerance. I learned from my time at Liberty that this bigotry happens on both sides: not only were there some Christians who wanted to stone some gays, but there were even some gays who wanted to stone a few Christians.”

– Brandon Ambrosino

Read because I promise conservative Evangelicalism isn’t always the monster the media paints it as and because this is honest, clever & oh so incredibly refreshing. ¬†